Welcome to the Captain James Kell Chapter, NSDAR

Captain James Kell Chapter, NSDAR, is a brand new chapter, organized September 5, 2017. Kayla Hudson, our Regent, moved to the Ellijay Mountains in 2015. She had a desire to organize a new chapter, since there was not one within 60 miles.

The honor of the chapter's name goes to Carole Kell's husband whose family happened to be some of the first settlers of Gilmer County. Captain Kell is buried on the Kell family farm, which still stands today on Boardtown Road. Everyone who is interested in genealogy, history and patriotism is invited to attend. The DAR motto is God, Home and County. All are welcome; those who would like to join DAR will be asked to provide documentation to prove their lineage to the Revolutionary War. Contact our chapter for more information.